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How To Set Up A Party Costume Hire Company?

Party Costume Hire Company

How Is The Party Clothing Rental Market?

The party clothing rental market has an advantage as it is not limited to weddings. Also, more sophisticated events, which require more formal dress, can enter the account. It is an excellent choice for those who do not want to wear the same attire at the various parties that take place throughout the year and also for those who can not afford to spend much buying dresses and shoes.

Who Are The Customers In The Party Clothing Rental Market?

Customers of this type of business are mainly those who attend parties that require formal attire, such as marriage, graduation, 15 years and general events with a more sophisticated profile.

The recommendation given by Sebrae is that there is a lot of research to identify the target audience and also to quantify it since there is a diversity within the same market.

The surveys should be done with IBGE data from the City Hall, with neighbourhood associations and guides specialised in marriage ceremonies. Also, attending seminars is also very important to gain more knowledge about the subject.

Competition Analysis Of Party Clothes Rental

A tip that seems simple, but that has a very beneficial effect is to make an analysis of the competition. Starting by searching for specialised magazines and newspapers already gives you a sense of the number of competitors per location, prices charged by them and where they are skilled.

But the job of knowing in depth who those who already work in the party clothes market are not out there. You must also go to their shop, visit them, see the quality of the clothes that are to be rented, the quantity of them and one of the pillars of the business: the service.

You also need to check the forms of public communication they have: sites, general advertising (ads, where they are shown), and how the public sees such establishments.

When the small entrepreneur has all this information in hand, he will have a great map to identify the positives and negatives of those who are already in the party clothing market and so you can try to enter the spaces left by them and offer a service with better quality.

Location Of A Party Clothing Rental Company

Some details need to be taken into consideration when choosing the rental property for party clothes. The characteristics of the neighbourhood and the availability of services such as water, sewage, internet, electricity, telephone and security should be taken into account. These factors are decisive because many people want to feel comfortable going to a particular establishment. Also, these aspects are fundamental to the smooth operation of the business.

It is also necessary that the chosen point is of easy access, that has parking for vehicles, a place for loading and unloading and locations of buses, trains or subway nearby. It is necessary to know if the street is flooded on rainy days, because of nothing more unpleasant than that and sorry for the enterprise of renting party clothes.

Costs Involved In A Party Clothing Rental Company

The attention in the administration of the costs involved in the purchase, production and sale of services points to the success or otherwise of the business. The less you spend, the more opportunity to make money.

There are still those expenditures that can be controlled, such as purchases, negotiation with suppliers, unnecessary expenses, lean team and reduction of defaults using credit and debit cards.

Basic Necessary Structure And Initial Investment Cost In A Party Clothes Rental Business
How To Make The Party Clothing Company Known

Those wishing to enter the party rental business can pay for advertisements made in neighbourhood newspapers. They should also pay attention to the internet, in portals specialising in events and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Speciality magazines are also an excellent source of publicity.

Setting up a website is great for giving all customers access to information. Pictures of clothes should also be shown without fear of competition. Many small entrepreneurs are afraid to publish everything on the Internet and they will also drive away potential customers as they find photos of what they want on the world's computer network and go to the party clothing store to close a deal. Many already work with party clothing rentals done over the internet, so it is essential to keep in mind that you need to make the information available to everyone in all of their details.

Before deciding to separate money for advertising investment, it is necessary to understand very well who the target audience of the venture is because the whole communication effort needs to be directed at those who are the customers. For example, if the focus is to rent to a business class that is willing to pay up to a certain price, it is not possible to advertise in communication vehicles that these people have no contact with.

Party Rentals Rental Business Tips

Some guidelines are meant for those who are looking to get started in this business. The first of these is to have exclusive products. Many party clothing rental shops buy from the same suppliers. In this way, those who want a costume for a special event will come across the same attire in different stores. For all this, it is worth having the individual stock, hiring dressmakers and stylists who know how to handle this type of merchandise.

A second tip that also for the rental of party clothes is that quite interesting is having enough black suits for men, as this is their preference for most, and vary significantly in the colours of women's clothing. As the brightest colours like yellow, lettuce green, pumpkin and pink rose are very rare to find, it pays to have dressed like this to offer to customers.

A third tip is also to rent everything that comes with beautiful attire, such as shoes, costume jewellery, tiaras, socks and purses. All this makes the clientele leave the establishment ready, without the need to go elsewhere and have the risk of entering a rival party clothing rental store.

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