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Benefits of ERP Software in Garment and Apparel Industry

Generally, ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning and it’s commonly used as an enterprise term related to the efficient planning of resources in a organization. The key purpose of ERP software is to assist a manufacturer or other industry or services to manage their important parts of business. It may include from planning to delivery of a goods or services.

Best Garments ERP in Bangladesh

The operation of a garments or apparel business in not an easy thing, it’s a complex procedure which involves different risk factor. Processes of a garments or apparel industry may include the following; such as collecting order, sourcing of raw materials (like; fabric, yarn, accessories, and so on), manufacturing the product, quality control of raw material and manufactured product, controlling warehouses, managing inventory, delivery of goods, accounting, administration, and so on – there’s a number of operational difficulties involve to deal with the above mentioned processes. These difficulties can prevail over by deploying ERP software in an industry.

The best ERP Software for Garments Industry is capable to facilitate the complexity of apparel businesses to operate their day to day processes proficiently by organizing different types of operational data in a single centralized platform. Nowadays it’s also possible to view those data in user’s smart phone by using a mobile application but it requires industries to apply garments ERP process flow in their organization.

But how much benefit we can get from an ERP software is most of the time depends on the quality of the ERP software we are using. Sometime it depends on company’s budget regarding this matter because a best ERP Software for Garments Industry may becomes very costly.

Several software companies in Bangladesh arguing that they have best garments ERP in Bangladesh but it will take time to decide which company has the best effective ERP software for garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Doesn’t matter who provide the best garments ERP in Bangladesh, the good thing is that right now there are several companies in Bangladesh who have good quality ERP software for garments industries.

In general a best ERP Software for Garments Industry can facilitate an industry in a great variety of ways. Some of them are as follows;

1.      ERP combines the entire aspects of the business processes into a common framework by integrating every section it enhance the work flow and productivity of an organization.

2.      It is a common phenomenon nowadays that buyer always push for low price, improved quality and faster delivery. Implementation of ERP software can help an industry to head for those directions.

3.      ERP software can supply the exact information to the designated people at the right time anywhere in the world, that enabling a company to improve their productivity, enhance decision making and promote communication between coworkers, customers as well as vendors.

4.      In garments industry, each individual piece of materials can come in various styles, sizes, qualities, and colors, and each of these pieces needed to be monitored. Deploying the best ERP software for garments industry in an organization can easily help to track those inventories. It helps to check the reorder level of any inventory.

5.      Garments ERP software is able to manage all information of an industry as it require. It can provide customized data any time, 24/7 access of information, security of information, monitoring company resources, manage receipt and payments, buyer information and requirement and so on. Authority can get all the information within a couple of minute.

Finally, without ERP software it’s quite difficult to deal a garments industry. The most experienced apparel industry may fall into a big chaos without a proper garment ERP system. Garments ERP software provides entire things that required to manage an entire apparel industry. It integrates all the business processes involving the critical areas of apparel production planning – procurement of raw materials, inventory, quality, payroll, finance, sales, and plant management.

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