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How To Build A Car Driving School

Car Driving School

Nowadays, a lot of people have cars because of the credit facilities offered by the auto industry. People leave the agency or dealership with a zero car without having almost anything in their pockets, paying the newly acquired good in soft benefits to lose sight of. But what does that mean? There is simply a market for auto school since the demand for cars, therefore, includes people who need to take a driver's license. In addition, with stricter traffic legislation, many people are returning to auto school for several reasons.

Market To Build A Car Driving School
Unfortunately, the branch of autoescolas is well attended in the great Brazilian capitals, so it is necessary to have a differential to draw the attention of the possible clients. But how then to mark your space in a market that has enough companies of the branch? Through competent instructors, who know how to guide the students very well, who have enough knowledge about their work, and a fleet in perfect conditions of use.

Think about her location, getting customers, placing her on the market in full competition or not depending on where she will open, on the company's operationality, on the team, on the management format, if there are potential clients, if you have cash in hand to invest and whether this activity has to do with the personality of the one who will undertake. By answering these questions, you will be able to have a minimum view of the real conditions of taking the plans from the paper and putting them into practice. With these answers, it will be possible to do a prior business planning.

The business plan is the project of the enterprise in which each of the answers obtained must be worked out in the most detailed way possible. For example, the format of the company, its location, what services will be offered, how they will be provided, what the differentials and benefits will be, who will be the clientele and where it is, what will be the role of those responsible for the company, the enterprise, what the price will be charged, the desired result, the investment will be made and if there are partners dividing the initial values to be spent should be placed on paper and answered systematically.

How A Car Driving School Works
You may have been a student of a school , but to be a master is quite different. The name used today for auto schools is the Driver Training Center (CFCs). The registration so that it can work is issued by the transit agency that has jurisdiction over the area where the undertaking will take place.

There is a classification of the centres, which can offer theoretical-technical classes or only practical or both. However, it is necessary to define the area of activity and register it according to the activity that will be performed. The categories for self-schools are "A", for those offering theoretical and technical education, "B" for practical classes and "A / B" for theoretical-technical teaching and practice of direction.

Those interested in registering the school must write and take to the director of the district, (Detran of the intended state) a letter of intent of registration indicating the chosen category and location of the enterprise. Thus, there will be a survey to see if the entrepreneur has the requirements to be able to have a self-school .

These requirements are: to have a teaching board with instructors trained by the Regional Traffic Controllers; be subordinated to a corporate name; meet educational, hygiene, safety and comfort requirements; have technical equipment for theoretical-technical classes to take place and have complementary teaching facilities, have cars with a maximum of eight years of manufacturing and vehicles must have dual brake control.

Just as there is strong competition in the industry, there is also a lot of demand. Do a detailed analysis of the competitor's market, location, prices, services offered, etc. Analyzing your target audience is very important to begin to outline marketing strategies and market action, factors such as age, income, financial condition, will count.

Ideal Location For Car Driving School
To rent a property that will serve the school , it is necessary to verify if it meets the pretensions of the micro-entrepreneur , if there is room for a facility that offers well-being, if the neighborhood is compatible with the type of audience intended to be clients, services such as sewage, telephone, cable or wireless internet, electricity and water. It is important to take into account also whether it is easily accessible for both those on public transport and those who own a car.

Be in places of great traffic and easy access, as well as close to quiet streets so that students can reach them in a practical way for the most advanced tests, such as parking . Have a good sign on the street to be found, which can be by means of billboards, banners or banners on your facade informing that your venture is already running. Being on main avenues is ideal, but it is not always possible to find a property so well located, so the tip is to opt for parallel roads, but with many passers-by as well.

Other tips are also checking if the site suffers from flooding if it is in a risk zone. To do this, ask the person who lives nearby. See if the property has the documentation up to date with the city hall, check his plan and check if any work has been done later that has modified the initial plan. Still with the city hall, see if the property has the Habit if the activity to be carried out there is allowed by the municipal government if the IPTU is up to date and how the executive branch handles the identification plates of the place.

The location of the auto school must be in accordance with the legislation of the municipality, everything being certain the entrepreneur will need an area of about 60 m².

Equipment And Structure For The Functioning Of The School
There must be an internal harmony, which counts on decoration, lighting, spaces for movement, as well as windows, signs, parking. This is all a way for customers to see the company, the visual is the first image that stakeholders will have of the venture.

The materials needed for the auto school are those of office, computer, telephone, fax and at least two cars. The vehicles in good condition, the facilities in perfect condition (with theoretical instruction room of 12 m², at least) and bathrooms must be present.

The classrooms for the theoretical classes of driving should offer the least possible comfort, with comfortable chairs and air-conditioned environment and do not forget drinking fountains for students.

Documents Needed To Open A Car Driving School
The company registration process is done after the choice of the appropriate property and the contracting of the rent. Thus, it is possible to choose two basic modalities for the enterprise to be legalized: as an entrepreneur, in which there is no partner, or as a business society, in situations where there are one or more partners.

The process of regulating the company is really complex, so the indication we make is for the entrepreneur to seek an accountant to do this work or simply hire an accounting firm that can handle this process alone. There are many paperwork and bureaucratic procedures that are very complicated for those who do not understand the subject well. So do not hesitate to seek qualified professional help. The cost is low, it is no more than $ 2,000.00 and it's worth it not to have errors and slow down the process even more.

Initial Capital To Invest To Assemble A Car Driving School
According to the structure of the auto school to be assembled , the estimated value to start is R $ 65,000.00, with two small cars. However, it must be known that this is a generic, basic value that changes from state to state according to the prices of the cars involved. However, before investing, research and put on paper all the expenses that will have with the property where the auto school will work, the necessary facilities, such as the attendance room and theoretical classes, bathroom, administrative area, the hiring of employees, services, legalization and documentation.

Even if you put all that will be spent on the tip of the pencil, know that you still have to have a fund for possible contingencies. You must also have certain cash of R $ 5,000.00 at least to work as working capital, which is money intended to pay employees, electricity bills, telephone bills and water. In addition, one must also have the money to support those periods when there is little movement.

Auto school Staff
The number of staff will also be according to the structure of the auto school , being essential, instructors, receptionist and administration. Attention, the staff, must be qualified and trained for the service, this factor makes all the difference.

The minimum number is five people: the entrepreneur, a receptionist, two instructors and an administrative assistant, however, this number varies according to the structure of the company. All employees should meet people well, need to have ease of understanding, patience and bargaining power. You also need to be able to identify what the customer wants, as the client often does not know how to express what he or she wants.

In addition to the employees already mentioned, perhaps other functions are needed, such as vigilantes, Office boy, cleaning women . All must be within the labour laws, registered with salary to be combined, but never below the salary level for the category.

Instructors will be trained by the Detran of each state and the autoescolas should have those who are able to guide those who do not know how to drive, as well as those who want to renew portfolio and recycle driving knowledge. The venture that hires these professionals should give defensive direction course to them and first aid.

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