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How To Set Up A Cell Phone Service Center

Cell Phone Service Center

See the step-by-step how to set up a mobile phone support centre and the average investor to own this type of business. Technical assistance for mobile phones can be a good business nowadays when well managed and with quality in the service. Given that people do not have less than two cell phones today, this type of job is almost a necessity. Although mobile devices are cheap and inviting, there are high-tech ones that are expensive and repair is the best option rather than the exchange.

For those who intend to set up mobile phone service, the most important warning is about the quality of the service provided. Just as the fame of a good space runs fast and the commerce will be well ordered, a poorly done service or with disregard to the customer can make the commercial point hated even by those who never even knew the fa├žade of the assistance. You have to be very careful.

If you're interested in moving on, here are some things to keep in mind when setting up mobile phone support.

Course And Qualification In Cellular Technician
It takes even before you open to thinking about how the service will be provided, whether you will be the owner and also what will act in the service or will hire someone. You need to have a qualified technician in this type of service, which is quite easy to do or do yourself because there are many courses offered by the market aimed at the maintenance of phones that cost an average of R $ 300 investment.

Whether providing the service or hiring someone to do it, it is necessary to keep in mind that every mobile phone service store offers a service guarantee, provided by law by the Code of Consumer Protection. Therefore, it is always necessary to value the quality or the time that would be dedicated to a new customer will be used to redo something that was not well finished.

Space To Mount A Cellular Assistance
As the object to be worked is small, it does not take a large space to mount assistance in this genre, even in 15 square meters is a good size. Most service outlets are no more than 20 square meters in area. The secret is to leave ample room to act with a comfortable table and to meet customers with chairs so that he can expect the service to be ready.

For work, you will need a table with comfortable chairs and good lighting. Most cell phone wizards work with a partition, so the customer does not have contact with the bottom of the store where the repairs are made. It is a way of working more quietly without questioning the quality of service and still maintaining the safety of the devices in front of the public that visits the establishment.

Indoors, take advantage of the safety of your customers and yours and keep a locked cabinet to put the appliances ready and still in service for your safety and the store. The idea is to have the service of a security company or alarm because the risk is high acting in this area unless it is in a shopping centre where the rent already includes insurance.

Equipment For Setting Up A Technical Support For Mobile Phones
The equipment required for mobile phone care is maintenance, the same or very similar used in computer assistance. The toolkit can be purchased in computer parts stores at prices well in mind, depends on the speciality of the service. Already authorized parts for the brands must contact the manufacturers of both handsets and brands that manufacture parts only for mobile phones such as a display, keyboard, flat cable, among others.

The entrepreneur can work with own stock of parts or act with the order, which is simpler, but may not please the customer. With own stock, you need to have a good amount of parts for the different models of appliances in the market. However, the service will be faster. Already acting with parts to order, you run the risk of not losing those purchased because of lack of use and market demand, since the phones become obsolete quickly with the amount of new monthly releases.

Licenses Required To Set Up Technical Assistance
Technical assistance is a commercial point and therefore it acts like a traditional company, with the need of CNPJ, that is obtained with the opening of signature. It is still necessary to be registered in City Hall as a service provider, which is different from commerce and therefore the taxes under each invoice are smaller than those of a commercial point.

The opening of a firm, the hiring of employees, payment of vacations and indemnifications must be made before the work of an accountant; professional specialized in this area.

How To Succeed With Your Mobile Assistance
Choose a point with a great flow of pedestrians and vehicles, preferably with easy parking. Do all the planning for your mobile phone support before starting the activity. Among the most relevant points is to raise the value of the initial investment needed, the minimum amount of services necessary for the company to have no loss (break-even point), sales service expectation and marketing planning. Knowing well the market of the region in which you intend to act is paramount for success in the business. If you are having difficulty, know the Kit How to Open a Business.

Visit other stores in the segment and see how they work and the volume of services provided, if the competition goes well is already a good sign.

It is important to obey the times of the places where the commercial point will be located. Opening before and after closing may not be as advantageous.

Organize orders separated by delivery date and between completed and unfinished so as not to have problems. Always look for the Consumer Defense Code and so please everyone, always try to keep your dates and give a return to customers if you can not finalize services on time.

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