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How To Open An Electronics Service Center

With the advancement of technology and good prices, who does not have an electronic at home nowadays? Thus, there is a good business opportunity, because, with so much equipment, it is necessary to have the assistance of electronics to carry out maintenance and repairs, being a lucrative option of the enterprise.

Acting with electronics can be a good way to get into the market with your own business. This enterprise model does not require a large structure, does not require very high investments and can be a good request since the technology only increases more each day. If you are interested, here are some information that may be useful for opening an electronic assistance service .

What Is A Consumer Electronics Service?

First of all, you need to know what your business will handle. And what would be electronic assistance ? It is a place that performs the repair or maintenance of electronic devices in general. You can choose to work with one type of equipment or of different types, but in general, they are the most common televisions, DVD's and audio devices. Some more specialized companies deal with everything geared towards the kitchen, such as refrigerators, mixers and blenders, microwaves, dishwashers and dishwashers, among others. The more services you offer obviously, the more revenue you will have in the company.

Your Target Audience

The target audience of a consumer electronics service company is, for the most part, "residential" customers. However, it is also necessary to specialize in serving business clients who may come to look for the service of your company. If you want, there is also the possibility of setting up a company of technical assistance of electrical and electronic products in the form of authorized assistance.

The good news is that there is no well-defined income band of your customers, since buying consumer electronics is common in any low, middle and high-class residence. What will define your target audience is the location, i.e. whether it is near or far from businesses and residential neighbourhoods.

Ideal Structure And Location

The entrepreneur needs to study well the region in which he intends to invest his venture and everything will depend on where he will settle: whether in middle or upper-middle-class neighbourhoods and this will depend on his willingness to pay the rent. But before you find the commercial spot to assemble your structure, be sure to look into the competition. Inform yourself by means of observation, if there is competition in the region, how far it is from the desired point, what specialities are met, among other factors.

It is important to keep the appearance organized and nothing to fix and serve customers in the same environment as this does not give a good impression to them. Remember that cleaning is essential to make any place pleasant. Besides the cleaning place order in your company, that is, make your team organized and arrange the right place for everything. In addition to keeping the company more beautiful, this prevents any kind of accident that may happen.

For a simple structure, you will need at least 50 square meters so that you can divide between the part for the customer service stand and the place where the material for repair should be arranged. The larger space, the greater the number of customers that can be accepted and services rendered.

Initial Capital Of Investment

The idea is to start the venture, at least R $ 5 thousand to get set of parts for repair, telephone, computer, among other small accessories needed. It is also necessary to initially invest in machinery, equipment and even in office furnitures such as tables and chairs and counter service to the public. It is also important to make the investment in laboratory use materials such as gloves, keys screwdriver, pliers, tweezers among other tools.

This, not counting the expenses with the formalization of the business, rent of the space and hiring of labour. It is estimated that the return of the initial value invested takes place in 12 months.

Employees To Work In An Electronic Assistance
A differential for the business is to provide customer service at the customer's home. It is necessary to invest enough in the service to differentiate itself from any competition. The service and production capacity in an adequate and satisfactory manner must be a law for the company, as these can be the differential of your enterprise that will guarantee a high monthly revenue.

How To Get Customers In An Electronic Assistance

For this branch of service is good publicity, but the best way to promote your technical assistance is to offer a quality service. In addition to this form of advertising, as in the whole business, it is necessary to invest a little in marketing to make the new store known.

It is good to invest in advertisements like advertisements, flyers and even put company slogan on vehicles. This marketing is fundamental to attract customers to your company of technical assistance in electronics.

Warranty Offered To The Customer

According to the consumer code, every service provider must offer a guarantee for the service provided for at least one month. It is necessary to issue an invoice and for this, the CNPJ is of extreme importance. The company must be formalized next to the commercial board, besides the city hall, Fire Department in your city, Secretary of Finance and other agencies.

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