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How To Build A Tailor's Shop

How To Build A Tailor's Shop

Although the concept of buying ready-to-wear clothes today is well-publicized, there are still many people who prefer to buy pieces of clothing in tailoring,o stay in their way and fit the body. For those who do not know this model of the enterprise, tailoring is an atelier of men's clothing, especially suits. The same segment aimed at making women's clothing, we usually call dressmakers.

The tailors are very old in the world and refer back to the 17th century but are still very popular in middle and upper-class classes. They are aimed at men who want their suits with style, exact measurements and do not like the same pieces of them all. The tailor's craft is one of the oldest in the sewing and has fans around the world, and Brazil is not left out.

Nowadays, the branch of tailoring is much more directed to the upper classes because of the high value of the services. Tailoring clothes is much more expensive than buying ready-made clothes at men's department stores, but the quality is certainly not the same as making a tailored suit. According to shopkeepers and payers of tailor's pieces, the service is worth to have differentiated clothing in your closet. Who wants to open tailoring , in this article we bring some tips on how to invest in your new business.

Target Audience Of A Tailor

The clients of a tailor's shop , as we said before, are well selected by the high cost of the service. It is estimated that between 40 and 50 years of age is that men gain a greater appreciation for personalized service of the business. The target audience that attends tailoring is mostly formed of businessmen, social event goers, wedding grooms, bridegrooms and therefore, the environment must attend such a public.

Competition And Location Of A Tailor's Shop

Before investing in this business model or any other, the idea is always to do market research. In this case, you need to investigate what competition in your city and the demand of your target audience.

It is possible that there is no tailoring in your city, but you must analyze the reason for deciding whether to open or not, if there is no public to attend the venture or if no one was interested in riding before. The idea is to be close to famous brand stores or in new neighbourhoods, where the competition can be medium but does not prevent a monthly profit of success.

Structure To Set Up A Tailoring

For those who want to set up tailoring, it is necessary to have a space that varies between 30 and 50 square meters. This footage is ideal to have space with comfort for the client and that can accommodate the spaces of the exchanger, clothes display, closet and sewing room. Another tip is to build a home office model , that is, a home-based business that will have a lower spend and the entrepreneur will not investigate and invest in a very complex structure. It is possible to set up an atelier at home with sewing machines, sewing tables and dressing room, with a space to carry out the administrative activities with telephone and computer with Internet.

The equipment needed to purchase is composed of clothes machetes, chairs or armchairs for customers, counter, computer, mirrors, printer, sewing mannequins, dressers, telephone and shop window . It is necessary to invest in a ventilation system such as air conditioning or ceiling fans if space is ventilated by itself. Do not forget the bathroom for guests. The other accessories are for sewings like scissors, ruler, thread, sewing machines and the like. When it comes to equipment, the sewing machine is the most expensive of the costs to be spent, but one can achieve a good value in the market.

Employees Of A Tailor's Shop

It is necessary to have professionals besides yourself to work in this venture, mainly to meet many demands and not fail to serve customers. You need to have at least one clerk, one or two tailors and a receptionist for customer service.

Investment Needed To Set Up A Tailor's Shop

The investment varies greatly depending on the size of the tailoring to be assembled. It is estimated that an average cost of R $ 8,000 to set up a medium-sized tailor 's shop , with up to two customers at a time. The value of the investment can increase if you create a business the same size as a store.

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