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How To Open A Dog Training Company

Have you ever considered having a dog training company? Domestic animals are very kind creatures and keep the family adopting them company. For some time, the pet services market has thrived, and many products and activities are being developed every day to take care of the needs of these pets. The dog, considered the man's best friend, is the favourite of the kids and the Brazilian in general.

The domestic pet market is very large when it comes to Brazil, losing only to France and the United States in this regard. According to the National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers, there are about 25 million dogs and 11 million cats distributed among low- and high-income families. It is really a high number and the entrepreneur who wants to join this branch has great chances in the market.

Dressage leaves the dog obedient to certain commands and in education the dog maintains its spontaneous characteristic, behaving in a suitable way to the conviviality of the other animals and people.

So we have the dog training divided into stages. Puppy dog training generally begins at 2 or 3 months of age and deals with simple aspects such as teaching the dog to do the needs in a certain place, not to jump fences and barriers, etc. After that, the dog can now enter the basic training phase, which teaches the commands of lying down, sitting, greeting, standing, and others.

The time of these processes is very variable due to several factors and, mainly, the breed of the animal and the availability of the owner in time to teach and to take his animal in the classes. Here, you'll learn a little more about dog training,  see our tips for staying well informed and have a solid foundation for building a venture in this industry.

Dog Training - The Trainer

The trainer is the professional who deals directly with the training of dogs, in the sense of having contact with the dogs and their owners, formulate techniques and apply them in practice by doing a service that results in the satisfaction of the owner's expectations.

The professional must have specific knowledge in training of dogs and all the necessary support to carry out their functions. The techniques and methods applied in the training of dogs should be well defined by the trainer, being also necessary to have specific knowledge about each breed of dog and predominant characteristics.

There are dogs that do not learn from one kind or another of the method, while others develop well with the same techniques. It is all a matter of knowledge, observation and practice in dog training. Gradually, the trainer can have more autonomy and choose the form of training that is most convenient for each race.

The dog trainer can learn the craft from the simple observation of other professionals in the field, understanding how everything works and copying and adapting techniques. However, for the trainer to have the firmness of his actions and conviction of a job well done is necessary that it takes a specific course on the training of dogs or participates in lectures and events on the subject, that happens many times per year in all Brazil.

Legal Aspects Of Dog Training

The dog training needs to be regulated as a formal company and this includes consultation at City Hall to evaluate all the paperwork involved with the costs and paperwork.

The entrepreneur should look for the fees that he must pay, what he should do to leave his business free of problems, as well as consult the regulations on training dogs. You can also get in touch with the FBAA (Brazilian Federation of Animal Handlers), an organization that fights for the correct legalization of the profession of Handlers, praising the quality of the professionals who work in the market.

Dog Training Competition

This is a relatively easy activity to perform, and so there is a lot of competition in certain neighbourhoods in major cities. The entrepreneur must choose a good location to stay free of competitors and be able to cover a large area, preferably being the only one to train dogs.

The trainer should also invest in disclosure, grant discounts and benefits to the consumer and establish partnerships with similar establishments. The main sources of competition are pet shops and kennels, which perform a very good job on account of the experience.

It may be necessary for the entrepreneur to visit these establishments to see how the environment works from the point of view of the consumer and thus to think of methods of offering better services to their customers.

Dog Training - Target Audience

The target audience for dog training are people who have dogs as pets and wish to educate them and train them.

We can already see that the poorest classes do not use the dog training service very much and since the entrepreneur must verify that a very humble neighbourhood may not be the ideal one to set up their establishment.

Generally, middle to upper-class people are more likely to seek dog training services and this is already one of the tips for shaping the consumer profile, which should be done through research and observations to chart better ways to reach the consumer in advertising mainly.

In addition to dog owners, pet shops can also hire the dog training service, veterinary clinics, kennels, animal hotels and farms. Each space of this has an intimate relationship with owners of other animals and would be very good to have partnerships between these companies.

Disclosure Of Dog Training

For the dissemination of dog training, we can count on partnerships, as has already been said, with related companies, in the sense of offering folders, posters and information, in general, to invite the public to try out services with their animals.

It is necessary that the disclosure has in its content aspects that value the most positive points of the company, such as ease of payment, good location, service with a great variety of races and others. The Internet can also be used for this without the hiring of specific professionals, but if necessary, the marketer or advertiser can be triggered for this part of dissemination in dog training.

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