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How To Open An Agrotourism Agency


Smoke, traffic bottleneck, day-to-day stress, lots of work to be done and zero time for rest and leisure. This scenario is not very strange for those who live in the big cities and who are tired of this crazy rhythm of life. Because of this, there is a counterpoint that can be the corner of those who want a little peace: agrotourism.

The agritourism is an activity carried out on farms or sites and is associated with agricultural activities and tours, just perfect for those looking for something very different from their stressful routine. It is simply to spend a weekend in a great property in the interior of the state and to enjoy the best that the region can offer of leisure and rest.

Facing this reality, opening an agrotourism agency that promotes such a tour is a good opportunity for those who want to make money.

The Agrotourism Market

Brazil has a great territorial extension and many are the great properties that are not yet in the agrotourism circuit. Because of this, it is a good opportunity to make money with what nature can offer without degrading it, making visitation sustainable.

When public authorities contribute to local development, everything is easier for agrotourism to happen in a more efficient and systematic way, but what often happens is that the movement starts with private initiative and only then does local governments mobilize and help with tax measures, for example.

Agrotourism Agency Clients

The most frequent clients of an agrotourism agency are basically the people who live in the big cities, those who want to do activities that are very different from their daily reality, whether Brazilian or foreign. Walks, horseback riding, fishing, waterfall baths, boat trip, restaurant with typical foods, all this can be very attractive for those who live in the midst of smoke and heavy traffic.

But there are still other clients as well: nothing prevents people living in small towns from wanting to take refuge for a few days in a paradise in the mountains or on highlands. What matters is exactly the rest and leisure with nature being the main point, everything is done in a sustainable way.

Who Are The Professionals Of The Agrotourism Company?

The agritourism is an activity that should be offered by agencies that have full knowledge of the subject and especially on the place to be visited because so visitors will be able to enjoy maximum locality form. In addition, the professionals who know the region very well can be diffusers of a concept something that is spoken today: sustainability. This is because they can choose to enjoy nature through their services without it entering into imbalance, and then be preserved and, consequently, the activities to be offered will remain for a long time.

What Are The Services Offered By The Agrotourism Company

The services offered by an agrotourism company can be as diverse as possible, but all connected with nature: rowing, horseback riding and horseback riding, ecological walks, fishing, waterfall bathing, river visitation to plantations, restaurant with typical foods of farm and more. The greater number of options varies by place, depending on it there may be more or fewer activities.

Everything is done by means of guided tours; nobody goes alone because everything should be oriented to the comfort of visitors and nature conservation.

Packages include rides, meals and, depending on the client's will, transportation. The agencies agritourism can offer complete packages with air or road crossings, but without these, making it cheaper.

What Is The Impact Of Agrotourism

As it is an activity that occurs in cities a little distant from urban centres, the impact that the number of visitors will have on the site can be quite variable. As tourists flow, roads can be opened, shops and commerce in general, agritourism agencies can be set up to cater for visitors and the money entering these cities may be greater than if they were not receiving visitors.

The agritourism helps the stability of the local economy, creates jobs in indirect activities, such as construction, trade products, ancillary services and many others. Direct activities such as leisure, hotel chains and recreation are also encouraged.

Most importantly, all of this is generated around nature and the environmental impact is positive in the sense that there is a stimulus to the conservation of nature and the multiplication of plant and animal species because preserving there will always be visitors.

Still linked to agrotourism, there is also the chance to add value to the agricultural products of the farms and sites that tourists receive and the installation of artisanal industries to produce food from the locality.

Thus, opening an agrotourism agency means not only having income for the entrepreneur but also there will be great commitments with the conservation of natural resources, with the generation of employment and income and the improvement in the quality of life in the region, also causing the decrease social differences in local communities.

How To Make Agrotourism Agency Known

Advertising is the soul of the business, everyone says that and with the agrotourism, the agency is no different. Since most of the clientele are people who live a very different reality from what is offered as a tour, then it is worthwhile to invest in advertising in the big cities, through ads in newspapers and magazines, paying attention to the socioeconomic profile of the client.

For example, if the clientele is basically urban, within this contingent, it is interesting to check who can and who can not pay for such a trip. If the costs are high, it is difficult to invest in those clients with low income who can not spend much on leisure. So the advertising will be directed to those who have a certain level of income and who have certain habits, such as reading certain magazines, living in such neighbourhoods.

Cheaper and more efficient advertising is that done in local newspapers and this can be very positive because it can be published in those vehicles that circulate in neighbourhoods where people who have financial conditions to travel live.

But if the tours are compatible with those who belong to lower classes, the investment to be made should be basically also in the media consumed by these customers.

Therefore, the entrepreneur must know who his client is, his habits, consumption and also the communication vehicles that are seen by him.

Agrotourism Business Tips

It is essential that the farms and sites that will receive the visitors are completely adapted to this new function, without their identity being left out. The tourists look for these places exactly to feel in contact with the animals and with nature, therefore can not be a characterization. It is not exactly a farm hotel , in which there is some adaptation, but it remains the rustic environment, but rather a farm in which may be a place for everyone's stay, but the whole typical structure remains.

Farm owners or their representatives should be prepared to receive visitors who want to experience that environment but are not accustomed to it, so there may be criticism. But this should not be a focus of conflict for your agrotourism agency.

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