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Advantages of Offshore Software Development Company

Offshore software development is a great way of reducing development costs while ensuring quality and control. The offshore software development company is not a new thing and it was around since the 1990’s. Offshoring is quite similar to outsourcing software development. It can be said that; offshore software development is the process of offshoring software development services in another country where development costs are significantly lower compared to the customer’s country. The term “Offshore” is used because offshore development companies are situated far away, off the shores from the main company.

offshore software development company

Many US and European companies are now getting offshore services for their product to develop. There are certain reasons behind choosing an offshore software development company for application software development services. Let’s have a look at those benefits;
1.      Low Labor Cost
First thing to choose an offshore software development company is the significant low labor cost. It helps a company in profit-boosting providing better ROI (Return on Investment).

2.      Reduced Resource Cost
Not just labor, resource cost is also greatly reduced while hiring an offshore development company, as the parent company do not require purchasing resources to give their employees a good working condition.

3.      More Focus on the Core Company Values
Offshore development model allows a company to outsource most or some of its services to the offshore development team, which enables more focus on the core company values.

4.      Reduced Risks
In an offshore development, part of a project or even the whole project is completed by the offshore software company. They also provide offshore testing services to complete the project development life cycle which reduces risk to handle the project successfully.

5.      No Need to Conduct Training Program
As project will be completed by the offshore software development company, there is no requirement to hire developers and train them for company needs.

6.      Tax Advantage
Offshoring a whole project or the part of the project can provide a lot of tax benefits compared to the in-house development, specially for overseas companies.

These are the primary benefits of hiring an offshore software product development company. Along with these benefits, some disadvantage come along which includes Communication Issues, Time Zone Differences, and Cultural and Social Barriers. However, these issues can be greatly reduced if the selected offshore software development company can communicate effectively and provide their deliveries in a timely manner. There are a lot of companies around the world are now offering outsource software development removing those barriers. India, China, Philippines, and Bangladesh are considered to be ideal for offshoring, as these countries offer quality services with significant low budget. BJIT Limited is leading offshore software development company in Bangladesh. It offers service that mixes with vision, best marketing strategy, and cutting-edge technology without compromising the quality. With more than 600 of engineers and 18+ years of experience, BJIT can provide you the service that you need.

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