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How To Build A Bodybuilding Academy

Thinking about setting up a gym? Here's how to get started, equipment, investments, tips and more!

In search of good form, perfect body and healthy life, many people run to the academies to guarantee what they want. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can see this movement in search of happiness as a real business opportunity, but they do not know where to start. If you are one of those who wants to make money at this pace of the times, a great business option is to set up a gym.

In addition to this interest in good form, there is also health care, including adequate food. Stop and notice, how many people do you know are dieting? Taking Food Supplements? I guarantee many!

To set up a successful academy, you need to have basic data to make the decision. Best of all is that information on the subject is not lacking. According to SEBRAE, there is plenty of space to invest in this branch of activity, as Brazil ranks second in the number of academies.

Also, some services related to the academies could be expanded, as is the case for the businesses focused on the care of seniors,  aesthetics centre, linked or agreed to companies to offer quality programs to their employees, among others.

The amount of differentials that can be found when building a gym, especially with the expansion, is a lot, which allows you to conquer your own space.

What It Takes To Build A Gym

One big question that hangs in the minds of those who would like to have this kind of business is whether one really needs to have physical education training. The answer is simple: there is no need. The basic requirement to run a business is to have a lot of knowledge about the activity, in this case, the academies, to know what's new in the business, what demands more demand, what is lacking in marking, competition and more. So you do not need to be a graduate, but it is more than necessary to have a great deal of knowledge about the particulars of your business.

Of course, the ideal is that you hire a person graduated in physical education, even to accompany customers and improve exercise efficiency. Also, it is interesting to have a nutritionist to help clients, as, according to the professionals in the field, the food is more than 50% of the result to reach the "perfect" body.

Here are some good deals if you're not sure if you want to open a gym.


Planning is a fundamental point for those who want to start a successful business, both because of better business structure and to predict difficulties that can lead to bankruptcy.

In any market, there are competing establishments, strong, with the sedimentary name in the square, with certain clientele and affordable prices. So before you apply for a loan or take all your money back, invest in information and be sure of your decision.

The planning should be done following a few points, also known as a business plan, in it, you will work the market, competition, product, target audience, prices, expenses, working capital and so on. See our text on example business plan.

Structure Tips When Assembling a Gym

The structure needed to set up a gym should be linked to what will be offered in it: whether it will only have weight training or if there will also be gym classes, fights, swimming, dancing, jumping, spinning and so on. In addition, not only appliances live this type of establishment, but also mattresses, dumbbells, washers, appliances used for medical evaluation, fans, mirrors, telephone at the reception, counter and many others. All this, thinking of a minimum space of 200 m².

Still, it is possible to have a small space dedicated to the sale of gym clothes, bodybuilding gloves,   food supplements, hairpins, towels, bottles, socks, cereal bars, in short, everything that can complement your establishment.

The more you can integrate into your gym, and you can maximize your profits, the better your win. Often you will have fewer students, but due to spending in other sectors, you will be able to make up and keep your business stable.

This space can be opened by partnering with a partner, for example, or by renting a space for someone who already works in the complimentary fitness area.

Appliances For Riding A Gym

Gym equipment must be purchased in specific stores and very carefully. The tip to buy is to get in touch with the manufacturers of bodybuilding and gym equipment, explain that you are setting up a gym and you will need lots of it, so you will get good discounts and delivery at the desired address. Because they are large, it is recommended that they are purchased only when the frame is already assembled.

Investment To Build A Fitness Center

Still speaking of planning, a very important part concerns the initial capital to be invested. Opening a gym, it is necessary to have about R $ 100 thousand as an initial investment. This amount will be used, in large part, for the purchase of the appliances. This money also includes space rent (this varies according to the proposal of the establishment and the neighbourhood) and the opening of the firm.

With the amount quoted above, we are referring to a medium-sized enterprise in a middle-class neighbourhood. The value can double if a luxury gym is set up.

Market Research To Set Up A Gym

The market research will reveal points for all your planning when opening the business, among them the target audience. It is knowing very well its clientele that when assembling an academy will be successful or will be doomed to failure. It may not be a good attitude, for example, to face large networks of the academy that are already acting in the region in which you thought to act.

This, for one basic reason: you would have to buy equipment of the same level from the other gym, resulting in high investments. Therefore, see who is the possible consumer that is not yet served by the academies.

Maybe an audience with a particular monthly income or age group is right for you; this is a way to identify the target audience. Finding the right target audience can be, in and of itself, a differential in your business.

But after all, how do you find out your target audience? The easiest way to find it is through the right questions. Ask yourself things like: How old is the person who will consume my product? What is the economy class? How much will you be willing to pay? What would she like to find on the property? Already being hit by competitors? What do they have a differential? What can you do best? Is it a specific audience? Can you segment it further? Are they men, women or children?

Through the answers, you will discover who will be the potential person who can get the service/product you are offering.

Ideal Location For Academy

The ideal location is also a difficult point to address, since the ideal is relative, depending on each business, external factors, costs and the target audience.

The data obtained from the target audience will also be important at this stage. If your target audience is the C class, who does not usually drive, for example, why waste your money renting a parking space? Then think about putting your gym in a place close to your students, near bus stops or in easy access places for them. The location of your business will be defined when the characteristics of your consumer are clearly revealed.

It all depends on which target audience you want to achieve when setting up a gym. If the upper middle class is your focus of care, invest in a good space with parking, located near residential luxury buildings and commercial buildings. It all depends on the amount to be invested in structure too because the organization of space and expense will depend on where you are located and who your regulars will be.

Staff Of The Academy

The staff should have a receptionist, janitor, bodybuilding teachers and the classes offered, being generally the same. In addition, the presence of a doctor or physiotherapist is recommended to perform the medical evaluations of the beginning students in the academy. Hire qualified professionals. Require the record of physical education professionals in the class council and see if they are able to give certain classes.

Another tip is that the clerk should be the "face of the place". From the janitor, the cleaner to the manager, everyone must wear a gym or bodybuilder shirt, working and passing the values they work on.

If the idea sold is health, hire people who have healthy habits, who do not stop to smoke a cigarette after lunch, for example. If the gym is geared toward pregnant women, hire women who have children and who like to be mothers. All these influences and much of the results and fidelity of the clients.

Documents To Open A Gym
A  gym must be legalized, and this requires enrollment in the city hall of the city in which it is located, in the Federal Revenue and Social Security, in addition to the Regional Council of Physical Education and be framed as a provider of sports activities.

To start a business, you need to go to the trade association of your state or the Corporate Registry Office, carry a lot of documentation that varies from state to state. However, those that are commonly charged are: social contract, a copy of ID and CPF, standard application (the trade association cover), Sheet National Register (FCN) models 1 and 2 and fees paid by DARF.

Already registered, the owner of the company will receive NIRE (Number of Company registration ID) and must register with the IRS Web site, which will be downloaded a list of other documents that must be sent by mail and then get the CNPJ.

With NIRE in hand, the next step is to have the city hall's permit. Next, it must be made the state registration, the registration in the Social Security and have the fiscal apparatus. One tip is to get in touch with the credit card companies to offer the service since the credit card is a popular form of payment in Brazil. See more about documents to open a business.

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