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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Smart Card Readers

If you have a business, chances are you have a credit card reader. Whether they are magnetic card readers or smart card readers, you probably have some kind of card scanner to perform transactions.
After all, statistics show that seven out of ten Brazilians have at least one credit card. You would lose a lot of business if you did not have a card reader.

But what is the difference between a magnetic card scanner and a smart card scanner? Why should you use one instead of another?

A smart card scanner works just as well as any credit card reader, but it can actually be safer compared to the competition.

However, it took them a little time to pick up, and there are several reasons for this. So to help you find out if you should have one of these smart credit card scanners, here is a list of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Safer

  • Smart card readers are safer than their counterparts as they use encryption and authentication technology. This is safer than the previous methods associated with payment cards.
  • Adaptive smart card readers can be connected to machines using a USB-supported system, which can operate seamlessly with sales and stock software. They also allow an easier time to track customer purchases if you are interested in starting a loyalty program. Smart credit card readers can be linked to customer databases to do customer shopping surveys and help find out which items are most popular in sales.


  • Slow adoption and cost
  • Not every store or restaurant has the hardware to use these cards, and readers are more expensive due to the additional security. Of course, this should change over time, as more and more companies make the change. 
  • Safety Concerns
  • Because the smart card is so new, it took people a long time to trust them. These devices store a lot of confidential information, which some people see as a security risk. However, as mentioned earlier, the evidence has shown that they are safer than traditional cards.
  • Smart credit card readers may be a bit more expensive but make a great investment in the long run as technology changes and advances.

So if you are ready to make the change from a credit card reader to a smart card reader, let us know.

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