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How To Set Up A Senior Caregiver Agency

How To Set Up A Senior Caregiver Agenc

With increasing expectation and quality of life, families and elderly people increasingly seek resources so that the elderly are receiving adequate care and for this, hire caregivers of elderly people with the function of helping the elderly on a daily basis and also in the care of the elderly. health and balance.


This is a branch that will require knowledge and dedication since most of the clients who hire these services are people who have already had a full life, a career, already cared for a family, have per capita income that is higher than average. Therefore, they deserve respect and not, be treated only as elderly and sick, as diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cardiovascular accidents and other fatalities can occur with anyone over 60 needing caregivers.

To enter the business, therefore, it is necessary to overcome myths, to be tactful and in addition, to know how far the level of prejudice and discrimination of caregivers.

Structure Of A Caregiver Agency For The Elderly

The structure of a caregiver agency for the elderly is simple. Just an administrative area, a reception to attend the clients and a room for the caretakers on duty.

Caregiver agencies are increasingly investing in new processes and technology to serve their clients better.

Technology as devices capable of calling the agency as soon as the patient needs care. For the system to be effective, a flow of processes is required:

Keep each client's record updated with data on age, illness, allergic reactions and others.
Also keep a list of contacts with doctors, relatives, therapists and others who may have important information.
Install the software in the client's home that will have a device next to the telephone line and once the device is activated, the company is called automatically.


This branch should have the activities developed by professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and trained caregivers.

Many caregivers want to set up an amateur business just with people who have patience with the elderly is not enough; it takes the employees to have complete undergraduate nursing degrees.

Finally, caregivers must have technical courses related to Occupational Therapy, Geriatrics and others.

Clients Of A Caregiver Agency For The Elderly

Clients who can hire the caregiver agency are people with temporary limitations such as stroke victims, heart attacks among other problems or people with Alzheimer's and/or Parkinson's disease.

However, not only the elderly can hire agency services, but also people who are victims of accidents, people recovering from post-surgery and pregnant women and postpartum services, helping with babies.

Generally, caregivers are hired by the middle and upper classes that have the purchasing power to hire this service.


The care for the elderly is priced according to the service offered and the complexity of it. Complex services require greater effort from the workforce, responsibility and special attention such as services developed by professionals such as nurses.

The services can also be priced by the service hours that can be full or partial, in which the services will be charged per hour.

Business Model

To set up a caregiver agency for the elderly, entrepreneurs can choose between their own business or opt for a franchise such as Home Angels.

Home Angels is a successful franchise in the market, as it offers its franchisees advantages such as support for operations and management support.

The franchise operations as hiring personnel will depend on the revenues generated by the business. Franchisees will be able to select, recruit and hire competent staff after franchise orientation.

At Home Angels, the services are divided and priced according to the specifications below:

The plan of service is VIP when you attend a single patient in a personalized way.
Group - when the care is performed for several patients in the same place and time.
The franchise gives the option of choosing the caregivers or caregivers ' choice to be selected by the franchise.

The initial investment to cross to Home Angels revolves around 5 to 15 thousand reais that include assembly and working capital. The franchise covers the franchise fee, advertising, operational and managerial support among other services.

Location Of An Agency For The Care Of The Elderly

An elderly caregiver agency does not need a specific location but should be easily located by clients. It can be in commercial areas or residential neighbourhoods of upper and upper middle class.

Another good location option for the agency is in hospital sectors and in busy commercial avenues.


The important thing is that the services of the agency is well publicized and for this to do a network advertising the services among the medical community that can indicate them, participate in exhibitions and events on gerontology and deliver business cards and other initiatives.

Also deliver planets, explanatory leaflets and even banners that publicize the service.

On Caregivers Of The Elderly

Caring for the elderly requires dedication, attention and is a service that not all people are prepared to exercise since it is a profession of delivery. In addition, the caregiver needs to be in tune with the family as well.

Among the functions of caregivers are: to help with food and locomotion, since many patients need a wheelchair; perform leisure activities, manage medications according to schedule, assist patients in hygiene care, communicate to family and medical staff about changes in health status that may occur and other functions.

The elderly caregiver may or may not live in the patient's home, which will be at the discretion of the family and the professional.

Despite the essential presence in patients' lives, caregivers need to make use of rights such as vacations, weekly rest, holidays, maternity or paternity leave and other rights.

It is important that entrepreneurs and caregivers and family of patients know the duties and rights of carers, as well as its limitations, after all, caregivers have a special gift of caring for another human being with love.

The agency of caregivers of the elderly should pay special attention to the possibilities of undesirable disorders in the routine, such as negligence of caregivers and even regarding the violence of caregivers against the elderly. Fortunately, according to statistics, these cases are very rare, but it's still good to be aware.

For more information on how to proceed, visit the website of the Association of Elderly Caregivers of Minas Gerais (Asiminas). We remind you that it is important for caregivers to seek the nearest Elderly Association for information on courses, legislation, prices and others.

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