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How To Open A Cultural Exchange Agency

How To Open A Cultural Exchange Agency

Merging entertainment and learning is something more and more attractive. People decide to study part-time and use the rest of the time to visit, learn another language or other activity, such as technical courses, dance classes, music, etc. In view of this reality, many entrepreneurs realize that there is then a niche market that can serve this audience, take advantage of free time to do tourism, or even reconcile learning the language to another activity, such as music lessons, vocational courses or university extension courses.

With this backdrop being the backdrop, many entrepreneurs realize that it can be a great opportunity to make money with a cultural exchange agency.
The cultural exchange agencies offer much more affordable prices than those charged by other companies. Thus, many parents realize that it is cheaper to send a child to study abroad and it is advantageous too because it will have differentiated training.

Who Are The Clients Of The Cultural Exchange Agency

The clients of the cultural exchange agency are basically students and the age group varies widely, from adolescents to adults, diversifying according to the school stage. There are those who go abroad when they are in high school and still others who go when they are in university. People can also choose to live alone or with families, but they usually opt for this second alternative because it comes out much more than the other way.

Location Of Cultural Exchange Agency

As the cultural exchange agency aims to reach out to students in general, it is interesting that it is present close to schools and universities, if possible even within them. There are many colleges that rent spaces and these would be perfect for a company that has the purpose of contributing to the education made partly abroad.

How To Disclose The Cultural Exchange Agency

The cultural exchange agency can be disseminated through lectures made at educational institutions and at the end of them a folder can be distributed or DVD's with the necessary clarifications.

When the entrepreneur goes to the students and explains all the benefits of studying abroad and taking advantage to be able to do other activities, advertising becomes more efficient simply by being a person there talking and taking questions.

An enlightening website with well-designed information architecture is also great for ensuring the success of the venture.

As the target audience is young, it belongs to a generation that is completely connected to the internet, so the focus on the internet is very valid, including social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Equipment And Facilities Needed In A Cultural Exchange Agency

It is necessary to rent a commercial room to be able to receive those interested in going abroad. In addition, it is necessary to have office equipment and complementary such as a computer, printer, telephone, water gallon, TV, DVD, computers, fax, printer, tables and chairs.

The minimum necessary to start work is six people, such as three attendants, an assistant and an Office-boy.

Specific Legislation Regarding The Cultural Exchange Agency

In order to open a cultural exchange agency, it is necessary to know certain resolutions and deliberations. These are Decree No. 84.934 / 80, which deals with the activities of tourism agencies, regulation of registration and operation; Normative Resolution CNTUR nº 04/83 that establishes the conditions that must be obeyed by the agencies; Regulatory Deliberation nº 136/84 that determines the content of the advertising to be done; Legislative Deliberation nº 161/85 that talks about commercial regulation between the agencies and their clients to be able to offer the services; Legislative Decree No. 310/92, which establishes technical and administrative standards for the examination of accreditation for operation in the floating exchange rate market, and Normative Deliberation No. 382/97, which deals with permitted insurance brokerage.

How To Register The Cultural Exchange Agency

The first step for a cultural exchange agency to open the doors is to register it and legalize it at the state Board of Trade where it will operate. The second step is to obtain the General Taxpayer Registration Card (CGC) from the IRS. It is very important because only with this you can get the permit issued by the city government. Next, the entrepreneur must register the cultural exchange agency at the Brazilian Tourism Company (Embratur). It is important to emphasize that this registry brings a lot of credibility to the agency.

Another one that is also essential is the registration with the National Syndicate of Airline Companies (SNEA) in order to be able to obtain credit from the airlines.

Business Tips For Cultural Exchange Agency

Those who want to open a cultural exchange agency should seek information with those already existing in order to be able to perceive the possible market niches. There is a Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (Belta), which groups the main Brazilian institutions that work in the areas of courses, internships and foreign exchange and becoming a member of it is very important because there are some ethical standards to be followed and so the work is well developed.

These commitments are to develop, assist and foster global education, with the goal of integrating nations, providing qualified services, and publishing the chances of education abroad.

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