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Key Success Factors in Business Plan

Key Success Factors in Business Plan

We can call you many things: account manager, consultant, sales rep. But the truth is that we speak of that which is the pillar of the success of any company. In this article I will address the role of the salesperson and the importance of having the right skills to help the organization reach its goals

The great challenge of any business manager is to recruit the best sales team for the company. After all, no one wants a team that despairs and calls into question the organization's business planning and goals.
First of all, a good salesperson should be a resource for your customer. After all, he (the customer) always buys for his own reasons and not for the seller's reasons.
Therefore, to recruit a salesperson there are a number of quality tools that allow you to assess, with reasonable acuity, the profile of the candidate. But, of course, in practice, we can only find out if the candidate is good at day-to-day situations of "temperature and pressure".
It is already part of the past that figure of the manager who puts the candidate in front of his desk, asks a series of questions and hires the one with whom he has the most empathy. Today, the recruitment process requires technique, patience, specialization and modernization, including using technological tools. Do not waste talent, innovate and put the job of selecting candidates in the hands of specialized people is therefore fundamental. And this is valid for companies of any nature or size.

Since there is no surefire recipe for recruiting and selecting the best sellers, the truth is that each business needs a different type of business, and unfortunately, contrary to what many think, there is no universal vendor - one that fits all areas. That is, a retail salesperson will very rarely serve to sell services, where the customer's decision time and the steps of the sale are completely different.
It is precisely for this reason that many companies prefer to select a sales team without experience, without addictions, to enable it and shape it according to their specific needs. However, the way forward does not necessarily have to be the one and, even if there is no magic recipe for a good sales team, there are some characteristics that are welcome for all segments and that will help in the moment of forming a sales team.
First of all, it is essential for the seller to know the product he is selling thoroughly, to be aware of each detail, each specification, in order to make the customer better understand the product and make a purchase with precision and peace of mind. For this, the seller must keep up to date and well informed about everything that goes with the product that is selling. A good way is to maintain constant contact with the supplier. Even if the customer does not make the purchase immediately, it is important to serve him well and safely, strengthening the brand, an attitude that will lead to customer confidence, causing him to resume contact later.
Besides knowing the product, it is very important to know the customer, know his profile, know his needs, his position in the market and thus be able to present what he needs. Another factor of extreme importance, which is despised by many, is after-sales. This is a follow-up that involves resuming contact with the customer to know your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your purchase. It is more a proof of professionalism that enhances credibility. After-sales is the only way to ensure customer loyalty and loyalty.
Along with all this process, there are other important factors that a good seller should not despise, namely knowledge about the competition. In fact, a good way to know how the market is, if the product that is selling well and if the price is in accordance with what customers are looking for is to analyze the market in which it is inserted, investigating selling techniques and positioning competition.
Proper posture is also a key factor. A good sales professional depends on a firm stance, security, enthusiasm, emotional balance and positive thoughts. And be sincere with the customer, of course with regard to price, delivery time, a form of payment, technical assistance and product guarantee.
In sum, the true sales professional is one who transforms customers into effective buyers, who transforms the "no" into doubts to be clarified, problems into opportunities, and finally, who believes that success is the continuous pursuit of improvement.

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