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How To Sell Crafts On The Internet

The internet has come to make life easier for many people as well as merchants and business owners who want to expand their market and one of the ways this happens is to sell products and services with the help of the network. In the case of handicrafts, the idea is even better, because with the connected computer network the artisans can spread their work more widely and, consequently, increase their monthly earnings by selling handicrafts online.

The public that accesses the Internet has been buying more than before. Today, data show that e-commerce handled $ 14.8 billion in 2010, an increase of 40% compared to 2009. That is: people use the web to buy and sell products and crafts can be one of the inputs that use the network to find products on the market.

What Is Craft And How To Sell Crafts On The Internet?

Handicraft is any material made by hand, that is, manufactured. Nowadays, what determines what makes a best-selling product is even in your region since each city has its typical crafts and the Internet is a way to make this product reach faster in other cities.

It is common to be sold in the form of handicrafts clothing, decorative objects, accessories such as shoes, necklaces and earrings and other household items that can be made with hands such as bed and bath and kitchen articles.

But the big question is: how to promote and sell handicrafts online ? The worldwide network of connected computers allows diverse and common forms and to set up a specific site to present the products, that can be a site or even a free blog.

Using Social Networks To Sell Handicrafts Online

It is not difficult to set up a website to sell handicrafts online; you just have to choose the right format. For those who are starting up in the field, there are already open websites available that allow the chance to show the products and sell them, and presenting the works by social networks is the most recommended since they have no cost and can guarantee a loyal clientele.

Facebook is a very dynamic social network and Orkut also, with a gallery of images and space for the legend that can help those who want to sell diverse products with delivery all over Brazil to sell handicrafts through the internet. They are simple to use and when your friends on the network share the photo, several people will be able to see the items.

Twitter can further help spread the word; you just need to use images attached to your 140-character phrases so customers can check the product and place orders.

However, you need to be very clear in using social networks, informing the product with good photos, prices and values and specifications so that customers do not feel injured. Always try to be clear in negotiation and offer the security of delivery to buyers and a contact phone number for those who brought you feel secure even if you need to buy a number just to sell handicrafts over the internet .

Website To Sell Handicrafts Online

The most common way to make online sales is through e-commerce. However, when setting up your website to sell handicrafts online, you must follow the virtual rules of not disclosing customer data like a credit card and sample what is sold with photos, so the customer does not feel injured.

Anyone who wants to, can take the risk and create a virtual store. This is a more professional way of selling crafts over the internet and still requires few expenses with physical structure or employees since you can do everything yourself. On the internet, you can find several virtual store systems, which already have ready layouts, just waiting to be placed the images of the products. So, you do not even need to hire a person to take care of the site.

As for the products and their way of being shown, all you have to do is just take a picture of each one so that the customer appreciates and inform you that there are several colours available and what they are, so you do not lose material or stock and can not sell. Describe its actual size or use a comparison with a well-known object so that the client understands that it is large or small, and write its dimensions.

A website to sell handicrafts on the internet can be a bit expensive to be assembled because the ideal model is e-commerce, which allows the purchase fully online with deposit into current account or virtual account in systems as payment can be made through PagSeguro or by digital payment, which allows the customer to receive the merchandise and have time to make a complaint, if any. It can cost $5,000.00 and more monthly fees of  $150,00 to keep it in the air and $40,00 per year for the domain.

Other Sites To Sell Handicrafts Online

Do not want to set up a website to sell handicrafts online because the cost is expensive? Sell online by e-mail. As? Choose classified sites, buy and sell portals and even sites geared toward craftspeople and advertise their products. Many are free and just take photos of your work and submit with the email to contact.

There are several sites classified as Free Market, Olx and others who can offer free ads to sell handicrafts through the internet and thus a first contact with the customer, who will find you through search.

Another option is to create a blog. It can serve as a compliment, bringing more detail about the products and their work. For example, it is possible to describe how your work is done, how handicrafts can be used, and other information.

One should know that a blog to sell handicrafts over the internet should have content as well and not just advertisement. So it is interesting to put craft tips, take a step by step, put a text that addresses the advantages of practising crafts, etc.

How To Cater To Virtual Craft Clients

After defining the way of advertising and how to sell handicrafts online, it's time to serve customers. Remember that despite being a virtual store, customers exist and deserve respect. Therefore, meeting deadlines and delivering quality products is crucial to maintaining the clientele. Mainly because, just as the internet has its benefits, it can also do harm when the person does not fulfil exactly what was promised.

Complaints take on greater proportions in the virtual world and you do not want a bad reputation for your products by selling handicrafts online , do not you? So, before you even start selling handicrafts online, you need to have a plan. Consider the goals to be achieved and what is needed to achieve this. If you do not mind, hire someone just to manage customers, emails and orders and so you can even increase your sales.

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